Quick Snipe

QuickSnipe is a feature that enables you to place a snipe with SnipeSwipe while browsing eBay. It eliminates the need to come to our homepage and enter the item number every time you want to place a snipe. Currently, we support firefox and internet explorer.

Firefox Extension

Installation: Click this Install SnipeSwipe Firefox Extension Link in Firefox. A yellow bar will appear across the page that reads "Firefox prevented this site (snipeswipe.com) from asking you to install software on your computer." Click the "Edit Options" button and allow snipeswipe.com.com, or simply click the "allow" button. If necessary, click on the link again. Press the Install button in the dialog box, and restart Firefox.

The firefox extension will embed this link inside every ebay auction page, allowing you to snipe items directly from the auction page. You may also right click on ebay auction pages and choose the "snipe it" option.


Internet Explorer

Simply drag this button to your "Links" bar in Internet Explorer Iesnipeit

When you have added the "Snipe It!" button, your "Links" bar will look like this:


If you cannot find your "Links" bar, you might need to enable it by selecting View ... Toolbars ... Links from the menu at the top of the Internet Explorer Window.

Your "Links" bar might be in a hard-to-find place. To move it to a more convenient place, uncheck View ... Toolbars ... Lock the Toolbars.


Here is a video demonstrating usage of the links toolbar in Internet Explorer: