About Us

Founded in 2003, SnipeSwipe was created as an essential tool for savvy eBay buyers. Our mission is to provide the best possible eBay buying experience for our users. To achieve this, we have always focused on security, reliability, and simplicity for the end user.

  • Security

    All employees are kept up to date on our strict policies to protect your privacy and security. We provide you with a 128-bit (minimum) SSL connection between your browser and our server to transmit any sensitive information. In addition, our internal servers communicate with each other and eBay's servers using only secure, encrypted connections.

  • Reliability

    SnipeSwipe is built upon many high-speed dedicated servers. Our servers have 100Mbps internet connections, and are located around the world. Some of our servers have direct connections to the same backbone provider eBay uses, and are located in the same building as eBay's servers.

    SnipeSwipe has always been an unofficial tool, and not endorsed by eBay. Although it does not violate eBay's rules in any way, many eBay users complain that snipers seem to "win all the auctions". Therefore, for public relation reasons, eBay will not affiliate themselves with any sniping service. This means that part of our job is to continuously monitor eBay for changes and rapidly update our software to keep it compatible with eBay's site. We have maintained compatibility with eBay since 2003, and our updates are launched within hours of eBay's own changes.

  • Simplicity

    We test our user interface to make sure that it is easy for people to use and understand. We don't believe in having a user enter redundant information or wasting time downloading unnecessary graphics. You will find our service to be sleek and efficient. We don't even require that a user enters an email address to start using our service. And from the user's perspective "it just works!"